The Perfect Elevator Pitch in 4 Steps for Insurance Agents

Agent Caffeine

Agent Caffeine

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Let us face facts: to the typical individual, insurance is not exciting or interesting.

Adding insult to injury, I’d be willing to wager that most folks think insurance is an essential evil and are not thrilled about paying premiums.

So, here’s the million dollar question: Just how can you go from”I sell insurance” to something that is actually a conversation starter?

I suggest a brief, well-designed commercial known as a”elevator pitch”

Imagine getting on an elevator and the individual standing next to you asks what you do for a living. At this point you have less than a moment to pique their attention and get the chance for a future conversation.

Could it not be great to have something intended for this kind of event?

Let us do it.

In order to craft the ideal elevator pitch, you first need a fascinating yet vague headline. I suggest something brief and unusual.

For example:

“I’ve an unconventional company in a not so odd industry”

“If I told you what I did, you won’t think me”

“I’ve a niche business.”

Hitting them with something different will create curiosity.

Should you lead off with”I sell insurance” you lose the listener in the beginning.

Secondly — Explain Who You Work With

Tell them the characteristics of the people that you would like to work with. This statement needs to communicate to the listener just a little bit about your ideal customer.

Typically, the statement begins with the words”I work with…”

This is your opportunity to let the listener know what kind of business you’re looking for.

Third — Give an Example of Solving a Problem

The next step would be to give the listener a short example of how you solved a client’s problem.

Ordinarily, these statements start off with”I recently helped a customer…” or”A company owner was known to me looking for ways…”

Here’s an example of what this statement may seem like:

She purchased a multi-unit dwelling and she had some choices to decrease her liability and guard her other resources.”

Be careful, the statement should be no longer than 3 paragraphs differently you may sound like you are selling.

Fourth — Explain The Insurance Part

Now you are likely to tell them who you are and that you’re in the insurance business but you need to do it in a manner that keeps the curiosity.

Maybe it’d seem like

“I’m Bob Smith. I am in the insurance business. My clients come to me because I have a unique skill in managing complex insurance needs.”

The objective of the statement is to create a distance between you and your competitors by allowing the listener to know what you specialize.

Let us Put It Together

So Here Is What it seems like once you put the whole thing together:

“I have an unconventional business in a not so unusual industry. I work with people who own houses and businesses in the Philadelphia region. I recently assisted a client who’s financially very successful. She purchased a multi-unit dwelling and she needed some options to decrease her accountability and to safeguard her other resources. I’m Bob Smith. I’m in the insurance company. My clients come to me since I have a unique skill in handling complex insurance requirements.”

Finally, Here Is a Couple of tips:

Compose several statements for each of the four steps. Utilize them interchangeably depending on the situation.

When generating the invoices, brainstorm about what constitutes your perfect customer and the problems you have resolved for them. Saying that you save people money on their insurance will attract cost shoppers; saying you work with responsible individuals might help you cover more responsible men and women.

Once you have created several statements for every step, clinic, practice, practice!



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