Remote Work Tips for Insurance Brokers and Agents

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The COVID-19 pandemic has caused many insurance brokerages to go remote almost overnight, transferring all operations remote on such a brief program has been an enormous challenge for businesses throughout the planet, and agents and brokers aren’t any exception.  

Since most insurance companies have taken measures recently to go digital, the coronavirus pandemic has accelerated the demand to get a digital transformation. And while much remains unknown about the virus and what the future holds, the electronic culture a lot people have experienced within the last couple of months will probably become part of their “new normal” in the years to come.

Here are suggestions in assisting your insurance agency adapt to distant operations moving ahead.

  • Invest in Virtual Meeting Software

The opportunity to rate and invest into a digital communication tool in case you have not. There are a number of choices out there such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom and Skype to name a couple. And while every tool is exceptional from the features it provides, all gives you the capability to rapidly join and host virtual meetings with your customers, prospects and co-workers through video conferencing.


When assessing these programs, it is important to take into account the special needs of your service (e.g., typical number of individuals on a telephone, safety concerns, prices, etc.). Locate the platform which is most suitable for you then to be certain, roll out inner training to all agents and understand how to install, host and manage communications onto the stage.


If you are currently using a digital communication tool set up, look at holding refresher training on virtual assembly best practices. Some best practices include adding video to calls when you can, muting yourself if you are not talking to reduce background sound and emailing a schedule ahead of all of attendees.


In addition, you might choose ahead  to practice screensharing to be completely certain how to talk about content in a call. Sharing your display allows you to walk-through significant suggestions and other files in real time, helping to keep a more “face-to-face” activity.


Taking more time in educating your co-workers on how to conduct best remote meetings, then you may produce a seamless consumer experience.

  • Proceed to Digital Signatures


While many agencies have employed digital signature platforms in the last several decades, if your service hasn’t, now’s the opportunity to do so. E-signature platforms permit you to complete crucial transactions regardless of your location to help you maintain company operations.


Besides digital signatures on contracts and policies, it is important to think of how you are able to ease e-signatures with regards to renewals and benefits program registration. While new hire onboarding might not be a top priority concern of several companies at this time, open registration will be here before you know it and supplying a digital registration platform will probably be critical in helping your customers’ workers understand and pick their gains digitally.

  • Look at Other Places for Automation


As mentioned previously, besides these technologies, it is important to think about other procedures and workflows that could be automatic as working remotely to help save time, and boost efficiency. Some new challenges you have probably encountered when working distant comprise locating high quality leads, fast emailing timely compliance and risk management advice to customers, and effectively managing all of your content tools.


By searching for digital advertising applications, automated advertising engines and content management methods , it is possible to teach and engage your customers and prospects to supply them with the information to keep their companies secured, compliant and healthy. Such tools will be useful even once you return to the workplace–as constant, applicable communication is something which today’s customers expected.

  • Do not overlook Security


Another large challenge using a remote workforce is data security. Considering the COVID-19 pandemic started, cyber attacks are up 37 percent month-over-month, based on Infosecurity Magazine. After all, once an employee reaches the workplace, their job is protected by security standards that keep your company’s network and information protected.


To protect your agency and workers from information breaches, viruses and scams; conduct refresher instruction on the best way to find and react to phishing attacks. 

Cyber criminals are known to pose legitimate and charities sites to lure victims into delivering cash and showing private details. Individuals should inspect any mails, texts and social networking articles associated with COVID-19 and must be careful in clicking some links and downloading/opening attachments.


Other cyber safety tips for a distant workforce includes:


Possessing a virtual private network (VPN) set up,

Make sure workers are using it to get into business systems and information when working remotely. VPNs encrypt traffic, which may be especially helpful when your workers are linked to a public or home network.


Mandate using anti virus and safety program,

This program needs to be updated and contain the most recent patches.


Prohibit employees from sharing their own job apparatus with family and friends,

Doing this reduces risks associated with accidental or unauthorized access of business details.


Produce and communicate a method that workers can use to report stolen or lost gear,

This can help your IT team react quickly and mitigate possible data loss dangers.


Contemplate security precautions for cellular devices,

Proper phone protection is equally as crucial as a well-protected pc system. A smartphone can grant access to some number of programs, emails and saved passwords. Based on how your company employs such apparatus, unauthorized access to this data on a smartphone or tablet computer might be as detrimental as a data breach between more conventional computer systems.

  • Create Digital Connections


Be sure to spend some opportunity to get in touch with your own co-workers. When functioning distant rather than visiting co-workers face-to-face, it’s easy to feel pumped and unengaged. While there are ways to cultivate electronic links, one easy method is to balance mails with more interactive choices like video chats and telephone calls.


In addition, hosting a biweekly or yearly digital occasion for your team or agency may be a great way to raise participation and join with one another on a more private level. Some ideas include virtual joyful hours and group lunches (utilizing the digital assembly platforms outlined previously ), trivia contests and games, and class yoga and exercise courses. Make surveys and analyze your employees to find what they’re interested in and make sure you are  aware of your schedule for these occasions, as many distant workers are probably balancing work with different private and family obligations (child care, home instruction, etc.).


We hope that this advice will be of great help! What do you suppose to do with your broker to streamline distant work and participate with your clientele and co-workers?




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