How Marketing Automation Leads to New Business Opportunities

Agent Caffeine

Agent Caffeine

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Insurance brokers are seeking sales and marketing automation as a remedy for their growth problems. Leaving one major question… how will digital marketing automation lead to new business development?


Well, if your questions are similar to the ones below, then THIS article is just for you.


“I think that our agency would really benefit from an automated platform, but I wonder how it will bring in more sales?” “Won’t having a different program create more work for my employees and me?” 


When talking with insurance agents, many believe a marketing automation system is exactly what they want although they aren’t very certain how it gets them where they need to be. This is a fair question that, sadly, ends up getting a stumbling block.


In this article, we’re going to answer this question and help you understand how marketing and sales automation can assist your agency in bringing in new business opportunities.

Consistently Bring In New Business With Automated Campaigns

One way that marketing and sales software can assist your agency is using automatic campaigns. These automated campaigns will enhance sales rates, give greater conversions, and will create more revenue from the current book of business.


Insurance agencies without automation have a very simples sales process:

  • Have the initial contact with a prospect
  • Give the prospect a quote
  • The prospect either moves forward with things or doesn’t
  • Occasionally conduct an annual review with prospects and clients


If that is the sole procedure, then you are losing out on several opportunities. What happens to each of the prospects that do not purchase from you? Do you ever follow back up? What happens to the advertising leads that do not pick up the telephone by a sales call? Is there a procedure to up-sell the customers who just request that you estimate their house, business, or auto coverage? Do your customers refer you?


Your agency has chances directly across the corner. The dilemma is that you and your folks do not have enough opportunity to make the most of those. This is where automatic campaigns arrive.


Automated Campaign Cases


By producing automated campaigns that your agency may use the contacts that you have to generate more chances.


This results in longer term customer relationships and may open the doorway to get mono-line policy holders to supply you with the remainder of their insurance.

Referral campaigns are all excellent in combination with onboarding campaigns and allow you to convert content customers into happier customers.

For all those creating leads with advertising, nurturing campaigns really are a necessity. These campaigns maintain”not prepared” prospects shut till they are prepared to provide your service a shot.

Automated campaigns are an excellent way to attract more business chances by using what is already before you. The best part is that it makes it possible to develop while taking the additional work off your own staff.


Sell More by Enhancing Techniques and Productivity


“If I just had a couple more hours per week…” Imagine what might happen in your service when your salespeople and marketing needed longer time, then were more powerful and were more effective with their actions.


We see many insurance companies that are only plain stuck in their everyday pursuits. They’ve only enough business to maintain themselves too busy to develop.


Marketing automation can enhance your sales and promotion processes and creation. Better processes and enhanced manufacturing imply new business opportunities for the service.


Here are a Few of the ways that it helps your marketing and sales groups:


For earnings


For promotion


Better described procedures lend to better creation of advertising action.

Along with assisting every department individually, an automation system may also unify your bureau. Seeing the connected major image between advertising, sales and service employees, an insurance bureau will see augmented progress.


With the support of marketing automation, insurance companies may eventually get the wheels spinning quicker and make a high-value machine.

Improve Marketing and Revenue Results by Giving the Ideal Tools for Your Job


Insurance agencies are working hard to accommodate changes in how contemporary customers and also to embrace electronic technologies. Among the biggest problems we see one of agencies that have adapted digital advertising and sales but aren’t receiving results is their resources.


There are two problems we find when it comes to marketing and sales tools:


Marketing and Revenue do not have some instruments

They have resources, however they are disjointed and hopeless to handle well

From both scenarios several issues occur:


Like with any occupation, sales and marketing requires the proper tools for your job. Through time advertising and sales is becoming more demanding. Not having the ideal tools just contributes to frustration.


There Are Lots of tools your advertising and sales staff needs:


Though some agencies have these resources, they are usually disjointed and inefficient. But an entire marketing and sales automation system can provide these tools in an organized and integrated manner.


Having the ideal tools means you are in a position to construct the proper procedures, which creates leads and enables you to easily convert prospects into sales.





Make More Strategic Decisions with Access to Better Data

Info has been a massive discussion point from the insurance industry within the last couple of decades and for good reason. 1 facet of information that’s frequently overlooked, is utilizing sales and marketing data for strategic expansion.


Not many insurance agencies understand how well their advertising and sales efforts are functioning. Frequently we hear things like that:


  • Our advertising is now getting our name out there


  • We’re sending a Great Deal of things outside


  • There is a Good Deal of stuff we are working on


To me, all of those items are saying exactly the exact same thing. “We’re doing things but actually don’t have any clue how well they’re working.” Whenever you have access to information you are able to use the data to make better choices that ultimately contributes to greater business opportunities. Below are a few examples of using information to create more chances.


  • Measuring the ROI of every advertising effort permits you to transfer funds away from actions which are not working and invest more in the ones that are.
  • Tracking site data permits you to create changes that result in greater visitor-to-lead conversions and lead-to-customer conversions.


  • Tracking prospect behaviour permits you to see which prospects are earnings prepared and spend time with prospects that are not prepared for earnings.


  • Utilizing sales reporting data bureaus may identify gaps and powerful points in their own sales procedures. Repairing these gaps may result in leads or earnings.


Whenever you have information on your side it’s simple to check over your service and determine what changes will need to happen for growth to happen.


With access to the ideal information your sales and promotion becomes a numbers game rather than a guessing game.



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