Characteristics of a Great Insurance Agent

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Agent Caffeine

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A good insurance agent can address customer issues. However, an great insurance agent is an expert ready to look past what their customers ask for to what their customer needs. They discover their client’s needs and afterward exploit each point with an end goal to identify policies that are suitable for their needs. It may be challenging to give customized solutions to every customer, but the additional effort will pay off.

  1. TRUST 

Agents who can’t be trusted by their customers will consistently have problems with customer stability and retention. The issue with trust is that most agents overestimate how much their customers rely upon them, which can make them feel caught off-guard when a customer leaves them for another.

Genuine trust is not built after one or a few meetings. It’s a bond that takes a long time to form. Agents who are honest with their customers and truly prioritize their needs will be successful in the long run.

Loyalty in business may appear to be something of the past. However, the reality is that individuals still need that trust factor. In today’s culture, it’s a breath of fresh air to find someone who is trustworthy and reliable.


It’s so frustrating for a client to have questions about a specific statement in their policy, but they’re afraid to consult their agent because they have a feeling, they will not get an honest answer.

While policies are somehow flexible, depending on the terms, customers may feel like an agent is attempting to dodge their questions to avoid implicating themselves.

This is the time to review your communication skills. Some customers will ask for a full clarification of their policy, while others will get confused if you give them excess information. A great agent is aware of his clients habits and will adjust accordingly..


If you’re a great agent, lacking the right policies won’t make a difference. In a time where people can search for costs of coverage online, you need the ideal pitch to draw in clients and guarantee they get what they need.

Imagine a business owner calls in, asking whether they need extra coverage for their delivery vehicles. You promptly see that the financial risks outweigh the cost of savings on their policy. You begin to look for alternative options for the business owner. In the time it takes you to find other options the owner is so frustrated and confused with all the insurance variables they move on to another agent. 

Having access to different carriers will make it simpler to find a policy that fits your client’s needs. Your customer won’t just value the easy process but will be motivated to refer your services to others.


To be successful in the business, an agent has to be persistent. They have to develop excellent listening skills to fully understand what their customer is looking for. It’s important to regularly look into their competitors’ policies to make sure that you are offering the same or more than what they offer.

A great agent should be self-motivated and keep his spirit up even after receiving several declines from the potential clients. They ought to forecast changes in their industry and adjust with the times.

Finally, great agents look for extra training, for example, a course to upgrade their financial planning abilities. Agents are regularly so entrenched in their customer’s financial portfolio that they can be a great asset during tax season or when planning annual budgets.

The steady push to become better isn’t something you can accomplish in a few days. It’s an ongoing process that will have positive results that go far and beyond your work as an agent. Investing in your future as an agent starts today.



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